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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: A better model for site generation
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2000 13:37:36 GMT
Sander van Zoest wrote:
> On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> > People,
> > as you all know, the xml.apache.org site plus all the documents included
> > in all the hosted projects are built using XML/XSL technology, driven by
> > Stylebook, a command line clone of Cocoon written by Pier when working
> > for IBM.
> > Stylebook and Cocoon share the exact same design patterns, even if not a
> > single line of code. This is going to change since we believe in
> > integration, like many others here.

Hi Sander,
> Here at MP3.com, Inc. we use a similar, but less featurefull technique
> of generating XML and style based template pages on-the-fly. This is all
> written in C and are build-in apache modules that can be called via
> mod_perl for dynamic page generation based on i18n,style and/or xml content.

> Since our approach was to get performance over features and since XSL:T
> and XSL:FO were still in the early stages, we came up with our own small
> subset of the XSL feature set that does the job quite nicely.

Is this done dynamically, then?
> I would like to work on an open source method of this using XSL with
> strict performance in mind.

This is the same goal the Cocoon project has, _exactly_ the same.
> I will be speaking about this at ApacheCon 2000, so hopefully I will find
> some time after the conference to work on this and have it available
> via this XML group.

I hope to talk about ways to integrate your work with us at the
conference. I'll be speaking about Cocoon too.
> Just thought, I would bring this up since we were talking about the creation
> of a publishing tool for the web using XML/XSL.

No, we are not. The publishing tool for the web using XML/XSL is already
there, actually we have two: "stylebook" for static content generation
and "cocoon" for dynamic content generation. The plan is to integrate
them into a single product so that you can do static generation on a
regular (time-driven?) base and dynamic generation on the flighy where
you can't do any different.

It's all java based and not as performant as it could be, but we already
have plans to increase speed and functionality. Take a look at it if you
haven't done so.

It would be totally great if mp3.com used Cocoon as publishing engine:
I'm an old time fan of mp3.com :)

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