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From Stefano Mazzocchi <stef...@apache.org>
Subject Re: XML/Database Applications . . .
Date Mon, 17 Jan 2000 20:38:12 GMT
Josh McCormack wrote:
> This is encouraging and I'll inform them of this.
> However, I've already to spoken to them about these
> matters a little, so I'd like to ask some questions
> regarding other options.
> -Is it possible to to have different cocoon
> configuration files for different domains, much as
> with jserv? Or could I even have my own Cocoon set-up
> within my servlet directory?

Think about it: Cocoon is a servlet. A big and complex one, I concur,
but it remains a servlet. So what you can do with HelloWorldServlet, you
can do with Cocoon. You can have one different Cocoon setup for each of
your users in your servlet platform. A different cocoon set for any of
your servlet zone/servlet context.. or just one for all your entire
corporate web site + all virtual hosts thru URL rewriting. You can do
whatever you want with a servlet... we just inherit that functionality.

This is the main reason why Cocoon is a servlet, not a web server

> -Would it be possible to just map the SQL processor
> somehow? Put in a path to it or something in files
> where it's used?

What for? you can install your own cocoon in your servlet space and get
SQLProducer right away.

> -Anyone have any thoughts on the level of interest in
> people being able to use Cocoon? What I mean
> specifically, is if I rented a server somewhere and
> wanted to resell (primarily so I could have my ideal
> Java/XML/SQL set-up) would anyone be interested?

You mean renting a servlet context with Cocoon installed? Who knows,
some people might like it... anyway, Cocoon is a complex servlet, but
not _that_ complex... it clearly installs out of the box once you have a
servlet loader accessible.

But you know I'm biased :)


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