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From Mike Pogue <mpo...@apache.org>
Subject Re: [proposal] Better look and feel
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2000 02:05:07 GMT
I think there's a mechanism now that automatically brings in a
subproject-specific set of entity definitions.  Pier can tell you
exactly what it is (I'd have to look, because I don't remember).  IBM
uses it to make global changes to the docs (e.g. Xerces-C --> XML4C) for
our customers.  

This might allow us to use a common set of files for Xerces and Xalan,
while retaining the ability to do some customization.

Are there other differences?


Donald_Leslie@lotus.com wrote:
> Xalan doc uses a resource file that defines a variety of internal and
> external locations . Each of our xml source documents imports this resource
> file. Our document-to-html stylesheet uses xsl:key to map resource
> references in our documents to these locations.
> Accordingly, to build Xalan doc with StyleBook I have had to create new
> versions of document.dtd, blocks.ent, links.ent, markup.ent, loader.xml,
> book2project.xsl, document2html.xsl. The differences between the new
> versions of these files that I checked in (document1.dtd, blocks1.ent,
> etc.) and the original versions are slight, but I was afraid that modifying
> the originals might break the doc build for some other project.  I also
> modified the xml-site build batch files to use loader1.xml for Xalan, both
> for the "standard" build and the "XMas" build.
> A little background: I started the process of setting up Xalan doc with a
> beta version of StyleBook from Pier and a very incomplete (it is still
> incomplete!) understanding of the conceptual role of StyleBook (a) for the
> xml.apache.org website, and (b) for Cocoon. From my perspective, I have
> brought Xalan doc into the fold so that it can be automatically generated
> as part of the global website doc. In order to do this, and keep our
> resource file , I had to create new dtd, ent, and xsl files, and a new
> loader to use those files. Given that StyleBook is intentionally not bound
> to a given DTD or set of stylesheets, I thought my solution was
> satisfactory.
> If there is a good reason to eliminate the proliferation of DTDs, etc. --
> and there appears to be some disagreement on this issue -- I am happy to
> work on expanding the original dtd, ent, and xsl files to accomodate Xalan.
> I do not want to purge resources.xml unless someone has a good replacement
> for storing links.  In fact, maybe some other projects would be interested
> in using their own resource files??
> Steps for expanding the document DTD:
> * Add Xalan-specific entities to xml-site/sources/entities.ent. The other
> day, I noticed this file for the first time. Apparently, it constitutes a
> document.dtd mechanism  (via blocks.ent and markup.ent) for adding
> project-specific entities. To date Xerces-c appears to be the only project
> to use this file -- maybe nobody else has found it yet??? I can add Xalan
> entities to this file, and avoid having to modify the other entity
> definition files.
> * Modify the document.dtd root entity to allow the inclusion of resources
> (from Xalan's resources.xml). I.e., change <!ELEMENT s1 (s2|%blocks;)*> to
> <!ELEMENT s1 (resources?, (s2|%blocks;)*)>
> * Modify document2html.xls to include use of the key function -- <xsl:key
> name="id" match = "*" use ="@id"/> immediately following definition of the
> id parameter --  and templates for resource-ref and human-resource-ref.
> I am also very eager for any information Pier or Stefano can provide that
> clarifies the planned merger of StyleBook into Cocoon.
> -- Don

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