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From Dan Palanza <...@capecod.net>
Subject Re: [proposal] Better look and feel
Date Fri, 07 Jan 2000 02:56:36 GMT
Stephano wrote:
>> Please, the word "customer" doesn't have a meaning in the open source
>> world. We deal with "developers" and "users". that's it :) this is our
>> slang.

Mike wrote:
>Heh-heh...I'm going to be a bit subversive here, and try to get you to 
>see these mere "users" of the "developer"'s technology in a bit 
>different light... A bit of merging of the two worlds... There may be 
>some value here in doing so, so I'll try to use the word "users", if you
>try to think of them as "customers"...  ;-) ;-)

I agree with Stephano. "Customer" falls short because "user" can play any
number of roles, like "vendor" supplying a patch to "developer," for
example. The same issue came up in Network Bookkeeping where we settled on
the terms "entity" and "user." "User" takes in any of the many roles we
play when transacting business with an entity.


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