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From d...@mail.es.co.nz
Subject Re: PDF to XML - OK
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
>      My perspective on posting the item was that, this system has legacy 
>      docs in PDF and that from an architectual stand point if I can get 
>      them into XML then I can react to the business alot quicker. 


Looks like you could try approaching it it using XML to store a meta-
description of the docs, and simply link to them.

The best & most appropriate use of both worlds :-) (IMO)

The meta-index can be as minimal as you like, you could probably auto-generate 
it already if you have an existing index in almost any format!

A full-text search may have to be implimented another way though...

Gosh I love it when things actually start to make sense...


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