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From Patrick Carey <patrickca...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: Observations
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2000 01:00:21 GMT
dear Mr. Weir:

Would you be interested in discussing a start-up
concept incorporating xml, (internet appliance hw/sw
technology) in silicon valley?

If this is inappropriate, please advise me how to go
about the best process for bringing together an
open-source based team...?

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Patrick W. Carey
Happy New! 

--- Robert_Weir@lotus.com wrote:
> 1. The "Who We Are" page says it lists all those who
> are on the PMC or are
> Comitters.  But it is missing the Commiters who are
> not also on the PMC.
> It is difficult to have a vote on an action item
> when it isn't clear which
> votes are binding.
> 2. The "Who We Are page doesn't indicate who the
> Chairman of the PMC is, or
> the dates of his term.
> 3. The "Source Repositories" page
> (http://xml.apache.org/source.html) says
> that the STATUS files are automatically posted to
> the developer lists
> 3-times per week.  I've never seen these files
> posted.
> 4. We seem to be breaking important conventions of
> open source development.
> For example, I am still seeing source patches being
> checked in without
> attribution to the original author.  This is bad. 
> Apache XML isn't going
> to go far if project participation never grow beyond
> the original code
> authors.  Proper attribution is one of the ways we
> encourage wider
> participation.
> 5.  According to the By Laws, we have a Project
> Management Comittee (PMC)
> responsible for "the strategic direction and
> success" of the project.  I
> have not seen any strategy communication from the
> PMC posted to the mailing
> lists.  Or even minutes from meetings.  How is this
> done with other Apache
> projects?  A regular "State of the Project" memo?  A
> project-wide STATUS
> document?
> I'm not just complaining -- I'm also available to
> help address any of these
> issues.

Patrick W. Carey
Grapevine Solutions, Inc.
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San Carlos, California 94070
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