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From "Vincent-Olivier Arsenault" <vinc...@stria.com>
Subject xsl:output, xsl:include, xsl:import support and file base
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2000 23:10:42 GMT
xsl:output, xsl:include and xsl:import don't work.

<xsl:output method="html"/> and xsl:include do absolutly nothing and
xsl:import always generates the "must be on top of stylesheet error". Maybe
it's me but then, may I have a working example? I'm using cocoon.

second thing, in cocoon, if i include a xsl in another xsl with <xsl:include
href="category.xsl"/> (because the included xsl is in the same directory),
it says cannot find file:/usr/local/category.xsl, but if I write
<xsl:include href="file:/usr/local/fusion3/root/xper/category.xsl"/> there
is no error message (it still doesn't work tough).



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