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From "Georg Seipler" <gesei...@fht-esslingen.de>
Subject Re: Formatting XML and XSL output ?
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2000 16:19:09 GMT
Hi Scott ...

> Thanks, yep, the fact that it isn't there is an oversight.  However, I
> don't want to put too much effort into FormatterToXML, etc., as they will
> be replaced by Assaf's Serializer classes.

> BTW, you should use <xsl:output indent="yes"/> to control indenting...
> really normally the stylesheet that should control indenting.  There is no
> way in xslt to control the indent amount though.

I did. I forgot to mention it, but there IS a line on top of my xslsheets
that says <xsl:output method="html" indent="yes"/>. That doesn't seem to
have any effect though. No indenting at all. The indent amount per se is no
problem since the field is public (not very elegant, but possible), but
there is NO indenting no matter what value in that field. Only by deriving a
new Formatter class (as described) I get a readable output.

What about the Serializer classes you mention ? I belive I saw them
mentioned elsewhere in the Mailinglist archive but they tell me nothing.
What is the preferred way to output the transformed DOM (XML or HTML) ? An
example in the distribution would be nice (there ain't much in terms of
examples so far) ...

Georg Seipler

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