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From Donald Ball <ba...@webslingerZ.com>
Subject Re: XML Inheritance Extentions (first try)
Date Mon, 20 Dec 1999 05:41:55 GMT
My proposed syntax differs somewhat from Stefano's. For the purposes of
this document, I'll choose, uh, 'ixml' for its namespace:

<connection id="normal" driver="org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver"

<querydefs name="options" doc-element="options" row-element="option"
 <column name="creation_date" format="MMMM d, yyyy"/>

 <ixml:extends name="connection" id="normal"/>
 <ixml:extends name="querydefs" id="options" id-element="name"
 select * from foo_table

would generate:

<query driver="org.gjt.mm.mysql.Driver" 
       doc-element="options" row-element="option" tag-case="lower">
 <column name="creation_date" format="MMMM d, yyyy"/>
 select * from foo_table

The attributes allowed on the ixml:extends element would initially be:

href - to identify the location of an external XML document from which the
logical parent would be culled (default: this document)
name - the name of the logical parent element
id - the value of the logical parent's id attribute
id-attribute - the name of the logical parent's id attribute (default: id)
inherits-attributes - true/false, inherit attributes from logical parent
(default: true)
inherits-elements - true/false, inherit elements from logical parent
(default: false)

I'd think that eventually we should prefer use of an xpath attribute over
the name/id/id-attribute triplet, whose value would be an xpath
expression which should result in a single node. 

Going even further, I'm of the opinion that all XML nodes should be
addressible by a URL that combines protocol, sitename, document name, and
node selection expression (xpath, xql, whatever) in a standard way (e.g.
http://example.com/document.xml?xpath=//connection[name='standard']) and
if that ever came about, we could drop all location attributes except for
href, but no one else seems to be excited by this idea :P).

(Going even further into the realm of absurdity, I still think it would be
really neato if all XML nodes existed in a global namespace, e.g. my stuff
would live in 


sort of like AFS does it with files. Then we wouldn't have to worry about
site names and mapping url paths to filesystem paths and stuff like that.
But I digress mightily, my apologies).

Anyway, tangents aside, my proposal allows for polymorphism, independent
inheritance of attributes and elements (and possibly text nodes), and a
more finely controlled logical parent element selection.

- donald

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