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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <di...@webweaving.org>
Subject Attribution of patches
Date Wed, 01 Dec 1999 11:57:02 GMT

May I gently remind _all_ committers in all xml apache projects of a small
apache tradition :-)

That when you commit a patch which you've gotten from someone else,
(obviously after eyeballing it) from the mailing list, from the bug
database, whereever... that you _really_ should mention:

-	who you got the patch/suggestion from

-	and what it fixes/does

-	and who else might have also eyeballed the patch
	and muttered approvingly.

If possible, quote a message id, an email address, a bug tracking #,
whatever. Unless of course the contributor has explicitly said he wants to
be anonymous.

The reason for this is partly fairness to the wide group of people who
contribute, but mainly to comminicate things in this distributed
enviroment a bit easier. Remember that typically there is no single person
who has explict responsibility for funneling bug reports, tracking
releases and doing all the usual project admin stuff. We have to do it
ourselves. And this helps.

If you want more people too look at a patch or idea, just commit it
to the STATUS or todo.xml list each project has. With a ptr ot the
patch and your idea's. 

Secondly, If you have commit access, make sure that you are subscribed to
the relevant *-cvs mailing lists :-). It is a good way to avoid nasty
suprizes whey you finally commit your master piece.

And finally.. to remind you of


which is a list shared by all projects. Where general things are
discussed. Such as this message really. 

It's volume is fairly low right now. In part because there are a lot of
people only subscribed to a single *-dev list. Which is I guess my
apology for crossposting this so nastily.

Hafe vun!


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