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From "Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus" <Scott_Boag/CAM/Lo...@lotus.com>
Subject [ANN] Xalan 0.19.1 distribution now available at xml.apache.org/dist
Date Fri, 17 Dec 1999 16:16:57 GMT


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                    12/17/99             Subject:     [ANN] Xalan 0.19.1 distribution now
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                    10:17 AM             xml.apache.org/dist                             
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Here's the first of what we hope will be more regular releases of Xalan,
now posted as version 0.19.1 in the normal distribution area.  See:

This release includes a number of bugfixes and some performance work.  It's
also compiled against a recent xerces.jar which is included in our
distribution as a convenience.  You should also be able to work with
current daily code from xerces, although we haven't tested that yet.

Build notes:
-- See the normal BUGS, DONE, STATUS and README in the root for more notes.

-- Distributed as a .jar file: you can either 'jar xf' it or use most
common unzip tools to expand it.

-- Compiled on WinNT Server 4.0 SP5 with Sun's JDK 1.1.8; with the
exception of the Javadoc which was generated with Sun's JDK 1.2.2; all
using Makefile (not Ant, yet).

-- Includes xerces.jar as a convenience for developers who simply want to
download and run it.  Comments on this are appreciated.

-- Sources are tagged 'xalan_0_19_1'.

-- Future: I hope to see if I can get Ant generating the full build later

-- Future: I'd like to sync up with whatever Xerces comes up with as a
build schedule, so you know exactly which versions should work together.
I'm also on the xerces-dev list and will participate there too.

Hey - should I send this to the announcements list as well, or just here on
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- Shane         Automation, Test, & Build guy
mailto:shane_curcuru@lotus.com    AIM:xsltest

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