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From "Joseph V Prosser" <jpros...@hexnut.com>
Subject XML for linux config?
Date Thu, 09 Dec 1999 22:57:20 GMT
  I'm thinking about scaleable Linux configuration systems,  and am considering XML. 
I was hoping some people in this community might help me decide if it was a good 
idea or not.

Whether it becomes confML or not is another question.

Why not store all the config information for a computer in one XML file?
This would include all the data necessary for each config file on that system
(hosts, fstab, dhcpd.conf, smb.conf, apache.conf, etc.)

Use a DTD to ensure correct syntax and content;
Use XSL to generate the actual files.

In the apache case, push the XML to the host, and let Xalan & Xerces convert it into new
configs there.

Probably need Xpointers, since so many files need a hostname, and you would only want to
store that once.

The XML would also have to contain tags about the file; name, path, the program that uses
it, but 
would you be able to killHUP a daemon if necessary?

Would XML be overkill?

-Joe Prosser
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