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From Mike Dierken <m...@DataChannel.com>
Subject RE: FORM is to HTML, as ? is to XML
Date Tue, 21 Dec 1999 19:15:39 GMT
> >
> >If you design a markup language that is intended for an HTML browser,
> then
> >you might as well use the HTML concepts known to the browser 
> (like HTTP
> form
> >POST, etc. - pretty much what an earlier post said).
> >
> This is really the only way a browser can talk to a server. You can
> imagine some scripting that reads an xml page and creates the
> displayable UI, but when the user is done, the page will have 
> to send a
> form to the server.  Of course, you can write your own server and have
> your own machinary to process returns from the browser, but 
> wouldn't you
> rather use servlets, ISAPI, or fastCGI instead?
> Tom Passin

If the client software used only HTTP (even if it used something like
XML-RPC), then you could still use servlets etc.
I think that more power is being given to JavaScripters to do HTTP POSTs,
which will let them create Web applications that visually do something
different than full page replacement.


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