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From Mike Dierken <m...@DataChannel.com>
Subject RE: Linking in XSL - The big picture
Date Wed, 08 Dec 1999 20:07:02 GMT
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> From: Dan Morrison [mailto:dman@es.co.nz]

> notation still needs work. I've been trying to solve (as I'm sure many
> others have too) what's a really good way to notate an arbitrary site
> structure. 
There have been some pre-historic attempts, such as CDF from MS, and more
recent ones like RSS.

In the product from our company, we use something like this:

<FOLDER name='technology' title='Software Technology'>
 <LINK name='apache' title='Apache.org site' href='http://www.apache.org' />
 <CONTENT name='overview.txt' title='Review of technology terms'/>
 <FOLDER name='internet' title='Internet Tech'/>

There are lots of other attributes as well (last modified, last modified by,
We use stylesheets to do the display. Some stylesheets are lists, some show
forms to modify properties, etc. These are all grouped into a visually
cohesive 'theme'.


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