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From Assaf Arkin <ar...@exoffice.com>
Subject New serializer API
Date Thu, 16 Dec 1999 01:26:04 GMT
Based on Scott's, Stefano's and other contributors I've revamped the
Serializer interface with the following changes:

BaseSerializer has been renamed BaseMarkupSerializer, it's only
intention in life is to be part of the XML/HTML/XHML serializer

DOMSerializer has been added as an interface for serializing DOM,
DocumentHandler is still the interface for serializing SAX.

A SAX serializer need only implement DocumentHandler, but the one
provided also implement the other SAX interfaces, it's the
responsibility of the SAX producer to register the DocumentHandler as
any other interface. I do not think it makes sense to extend
HandlerBase, and not all the interfaces (SAX2) are supported by
HandlerBase at the moment, but I'm looking for your input on that.

The Serializer interface now serves for setting the output
stream/writer/output format and for obtaining a SAX/DOM serializer. The
same serializer can be reused by setting a different
stream/writer/output over it's life time, there is no need to call a
specific init method.

SerializerFactory has been added. It uses a default
SerializerFactoryImpl for registering XML/HTML/XHTML serializer
factories, in addition, it reads a list of factories from a system
property and register that. In order to support that, each factory now
reports what method it supports (with getSupportedMethod). The default
serializers for XML/HTML/XHTML are always present, but can be superceded
with the properties file.

(Note to Stefano and Jame: I've added a FOP method to OutputFormat, and
adding a FOP serializer to the default base should be a snap. The FOP
serializer does not need to extend BaseMarkupSerializer.)

For backward compatibility with existing code Serializer is still an
abstract class and still supports the makeSerializer/ makeSAXSerializer
methods, however, I do expect these to be deprecated and Serializer to
become an interface once enough people migrate.

I'm looking for volunteers to test the code for a few days before it
gets committed, makeing sure it works as specified and doesn't break.


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