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From Dan Morrison <d...@es.co.nz>
Subject Re: Linking in XSL - The big picture
Date Fri, 03 Dec 1999 07:28:23 GMT
Mike Brown wrote:
> Mahesh Shantaram wrote:
> > How do I declare hypertext references in XSL? [...] What XSL code
> > will link each category and sub-category name to its
> > respective HTML document?
> This is an XSLT question, not an issue that spans across all
> xml.apache.org projects, so a more appropriate forum is the XSL
> list at mulberrytech.com.
> Nevertheless, here's your answer. :)
> Whoa, slow down, hold on, back up a bit.

Wow! thanks Mike for going through that extremely full answer. It's
dramatically reversed the signal/noise ration on this group!

While this topic is fresh (albeit not strictly Apache-development
related) I would point out that the underlying structure of an XML site
notation still needs work. I've been trying to solve (as I'm sure many
others have too) what's a really good way to notate an arbitrary site
Just at a glance, the example 

   <category name="Computers" url="index.html">
      <sub-category url="index01.html">Internet</sub-category>

Has a few limitations - scalability for one. I'd go for 
   <category name="Computers" url="index.html">
      <category url="index01.html">Internet</category>
to start, and rely on the processor to handle the presentation of

Then I'd revisit the relationship between directory and category ... but
that might start impinging on the current state of the source site.


my Q. is 
Does anybody know of resources devoted to this problem? I've been trying
for ages to find an existing DTD for representation of website
(honestly trying - comp.text.xml, microsoft.public.xml, WC3, XML.com ...
even the bloody Dublin Core!)

As xml.apache is concerned with website maintainence + XML, perhaps
someone can shed light on this subject? Surely we can come up with
something better than the ubiquitous channel definition format... 

TIA, apologies that this rant wasn't a commit notification...

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