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From "Michael Sick" <m...@activated.com>
Subject Re: [ANN] EZ/X - XML Technology Preview Now Available
Date Wed, 01 Dec 1999 20:26:24 GMT
Hi Pier,

While I respect your right to gripe about any mail that comes your way or to
even hit delete without reading it, I'd like you and your peers at apache to
know that the message announcing the availability of EZ/X from activated.com
was not done without thought.

Upon reading your note below, I'd wanted you to consider the following:

* apache just adopted code for xml/xslt technologies that our initial tests
suggest are 2 to 3 times slower than the EZ/X package in general and a whole
lot slower when dealing with complex xsl

I don't know about you but I prefer starting with an edge rather than a
handicap. Gaining a 2-3-10-???x speed advantage is hard, hard work. Generous
IBM patronage aside, if xml.apache's goal is to produce world-class xml
technologies that uplift xml developers everywhere (my impression of your
goals) -- knowing that there might be a better product and starting point
should be a good thing and not a bad thing.

I urge you to reconsider your instinct to exclude announcements of this type
and to reconsider taking a peek at EZ/X at:


Finally, as stated in the original note, we are looking for a buyer for EZ/X
and have a strong inclination to see it widely distributed at low to no
cost. We'd be perfectly happy if some concern would purchase EZ/X and donate
it apache so you could enjoy its significant speed, stability, and
scalability advantages. 
We'd donate it ourselves but the last time I peeked at our stock ticker we
didn't have a 185 billion dollar market cap - but we do have great XML

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,

Michael Sick
VP Activated

Pierpaolo Fumagalli wrote:
> Steven Tower wrote:
> >
> > Activated Intelligence (http://activated.com) invites you to preview our
> > EZ/X suite of core XML tools for Java. EZ/X combines world-class XML parsing
> > and XSL processing in a compact, pure Java package.
> The "general@xml.apache.org" mailing list is not dedicated to the
> general advertisement of commercial products whatsoever, but more likely
> focused on general topics discussed by the Apache XML project. Since
> your product doesn't seem to be based on any of the technologies
> developed by the Apache Software Foundation, please send those posts in
> an area more appropriate.
> Thanks.
>         Pier
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