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From Mike Pogue <mpo...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Xerces Parsers - Y2K Statement?
Date Wed, 01 Dec 1999 16:05:04 GMT
As is in the HTTP server statement:

"The Apache HTTP Server <replace this with "Xerces parser"> project is
an open-source software product of the Apache Software Foundation. The
project and the Foundation cannot and does not offer legal assurances
regarding any suitability of the software for your application."


"There are several commercial Apache support organizations and
derivative server products available that may be able to stand behind
the software and provide you with any assurances you may require."

Having said that, IBM does provide a Y2K compliance statement for the
Xerces parser, when purchased as part of the WebSphere product.  IBM
WebSphere is currently on an older version of the parser, however.  I'm
not aware of any other commercial vendors providing Y2K certification
for the Xerces parser at this time.

Note that no dates (2 or 4 digit) are used in the parser, so there
should not be a problem. IBM's position has been that since source code
is provided, Y2K certification for the Open Source version is up to you,
because you could always change the code to be non-compliant!  Since you
have complete access to the source code, you should be able to certify
it as part of any product that you build the parser into.

When the Schema work is complete, there will be a datatype for date. 
However, by the time the Schema WG at W3C makes a final decision on that
date format, we should be past the millenium by then.

Hope this helps!

IBM and Apache

Mark Papiani wrote:
> Is there any Y2K readiness statement available on the Web Site for the
> Xerces XML parsers, similar to that available for the Apache Server:
> Apache HTTP Server Y2K Readiness Statement:
> http://www.apache.org/foundation/Y2K.html
> I know this probably seems like a daft question, but in order to use any
> software product within our organisation we need a reference to such a
> statement, regardless of what the product is.
> Many Thanks,
> Mark Papiani

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