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From Dan Morrison <d...@es.co.nz>
Subject Re: Help!
Date Tue, 30 Nov 1999 19:24:04 GMT
Wong Kok Wai wrote:
> You can always set a filter to transfer the "cvs commit" messages to trash.

With all due respect, Suggesting you trash unwanted spam at the
recieving end is not half as good as making sure it doesn't get sent in
the first place.

Apologies Pier, we appreciate your efforts but that's about as
interesting as that mailing which tied my home machine up for 20 minutes
is to me.

I thought I was observing a 'discussion group' not subscribing to be a
logfile analyst.

Any more incidents like this & I'll have to drop out altogether - it's
actively annoying.

Jus' my reaction. Sorry if everyone else is going to jump in and say
they love getting those notifications & I should butt out.

Regards. Dan.

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