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From Sean Mc Grath <s...@digitome.com>
Subject Re: [sml-dev] Re: A mathematical vision of XML leads to interesting conclusions
Date Sun, 19 Dec 1999 11:28:34 GMT
[Clark Evans]
>Anyway, one of the first things I hope to get out of the SML
>effort , is a unified SAX/DOM "accessor".  I call it an accessor, 
>beacuse the layer provides access to the SML(XML) source.  Parsing, 
>of course, may be part of that process.  Many of us have created
>various variants of this.
>Sean Mc Grath's Pixie being a one of several attempts.

Small correction. It is called pyxie (http://www.pyxie.org).
Some people have asked me where I got the name from.

"Pyx" is an old word for cup/chalice/container.
"py" is the signature tune of a Python application.
"X" as in "XML". "ie" is the country code for
Ireland. "pyxie" is also a genus of frog which
will give me a logo for the home page if I
can find a suitable graphic of a pyxie frog.
(Any pointers?).
"pixie dust" is, I'm told, a wry commentary
on the XML phenomenon doing the rounds in
the Valley:-)



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