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From Patrick Carey <patrickca...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: New serializer API
Date Thu, 16 Dec 1999 18:48:14 GMT
Would this work on a hand-held wireless Internet

--- Assaf Arkin <arkin@exoffice.com> wrote:
> Based on Scott's, Stefano's and other contributors
> I've revamped the
> Serializer interface with the following changes:
> BaseSerializer has been renamed
> BaseMarkupSerializer, it's only
> intention in life is to be part of the XML/HTML/XHML
> serializer
> implementation.
> DOMSerializer has been added as an interface for
> serializing DOM,
> DocumentHandler is still the interface for
> serializing SAX.
> A SAX serializer need only implement
> DocumentHandler, but the one
> provided also implement the other SAX interfaces,
> it's the
> responsibility of the SAX producer to register the
> DocumentHandler as
> any other interface. I do not think it makes sense
> to extend
> HandlerBase, and not all the interfaces (SAX2) are
> supported by
> HandlerBase at the moment, but I'm looking for your
> input on that.
> The Serializer interface now serves for setting the
> output
> stream/writer/output format and for obtaining a
> SAX/DOM serializer. The
> same serializer can be reused by setting a different
> stream/writer/output over it's life time, there is
> no need to call a
> specific init method.
> SerializerFactory has been added. It uses a default
> SerializerFactoryImpl for registering XML/HTML/XHTML
> serializer
> factories, in addition, it reads a list of factories
> from a system
> property and register that. In order to support
> that, each factory now
> reports what method it supports (with
> getSupportedMethod). The default
> serializers for XML/HTML/XHTML are always present,
> but can be superceded
> with the properties file.
> (Note to Stefano and Jame: I've added a FOP method
> to OutputFormat, and
> adding a FOP serializer to the default base should
> be a snap. The FOP
> serializer does not need to extend
> BaseMarkupSerializer.)
> For backward compatibility with existing code
> Serializer is still an
> abstract class and still supports the
> makeSerializer/ makeSAXSerializer
> methods, however, I do expect these to be deprecated
> and Serializer to
> become an interface once enough people migrate.
> I'm looking for volunteers to test the code for a
> few days before it
> gets committed, makeing sure it works as specified
> and doesn't break.
> arkin

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