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From "Steve Muench" <smue...@us.oracle.com>
Subject Re: A mathematical vision of XML leads to interesting conclusions
Date Sat, 18 Dec 1999 17:48:03 GMT

| Donald and I both came to the conclusion that such inheritance facility
| would allow great simplification of the use of XML as data container,
| also allowing easier data-binding with OO languages.
|  <page xml:extends="template.xml">
|   <title>Hello world!</title>


In our Business Components for Java application framework
we use XML metadata to represent business application-building
components (e.g. PurchaseOrder, Customer, ChristmasPresent).

In order to facilitate layered customization of
business components, we have implemented exactly the idea
you are talking about for having one component "refine"
another through this "extends" derivation.

It has been our understanding that our current mechanism
is a tide-me-over until XML Schema with schema refinement

Have you checked out the latest schema working draft
section on this?

Steve Muench, Consulting Product Manager & XML Evangelist
Business Components for Java Development Team

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