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From "Clark C. Evans" <clark.ev...@manhattanproject.com>
Subject Re: location of /dist/ directory
Date Thu, 11 Nov 1999 07:01:12 GMT
On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Mike Brown wrote:
> FTP is blind to domain names (*.apache.org is all the same
> host as far as an FTP client is concerned)

Really?  I thought this was a function of DNS lookup... if
I have two boxes in the same domain, surely an ftp client
can distinguish between them.

> and since there can be only one root dir for anonymous FTP.

You must be doing virtual hosting... from what I remember,
Wu-ftpd could handle virtual domains; this is what you 
must be doing.  Ahh.  It doesn't support anonomous FTP
to virtual domains... is this it?

> 1. We could put the xml.apache.org dist tree under the main site,
> either by copying it there manually or using symlinks.
> 2. We could change the anonymous root to a level above, and use
> symlinks and/or directory aliases (a server config option) to
> send people to the right places. So the anonymous user would see:
> /apache  (old root)
> /xml     (xml.apache.org's stuff)


> ..and they would thus have to put the appropriate directory in the
> beginning of their path.

Makes sense to me.  Or...

  3.  Put xml.apache.org on a seperate box; then you don't have
      the virtual hosting problems.
> > However, will the tarballs still include the entire web site? 
> There are tarballs containing the entire web site?

Sorry, I mis-spoke.  The cocoon project's tar ball seems to contain
all of the cocoon web pages, etc.  This is very nice.  

;) Clark

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