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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@collab.net>
Subject Re: location of /dist/ directory
Date Wed, 10 Nov 1999 09:07:22 GMT
On Wed, 10 Nov 1999, Edd Dumbill wrote:
> Please don't kill off FTP. For me, FTP is much much better than HTTP for
> retrieving large files. In bad net conditions, I can set ncftp on the go
> and know it will do the right thing, rather than have to nurse my
> browser through large downloads (but maybe that's a function of Netscape
> on Unix...)

There are several HTTP-based command line tools for fetching URLs, a
few of which support resuming suspended transfers.  Search freshmeat.net.
Or use the standard "fetch" if you're on FreeBSD.


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