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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@collab.net>
Subject location of /dist/ directory
Date Wed, 10 Nov 1999 08:05:10 GMT

This is a discussion that started on the pmc list but is more appropriate
to move here to the general issues list.

The question was on where the tarballs and jars and other distributable
builds should go.

On Tue, 9 Nov 1999, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Brian and you guys, I would propose that we follow the
>   xml.apache.org/<project>/dist
> pattern, instead of placing everything on a single dist/. Reasons:
> 1) cleaner to handle
> 2) simple enough pattern
> 3) you can have project specific readmes and warnings

I dunno - I think the "cleaner to handle" and "simple enough patterns"
points are debatable, and the "you can have project specific readmes and
warnings" might be the only viable reason, but in practise I think it's
better to have those be a part of the tarballs.  

I think it's simpler to be able to point everyone to
http://xml.apache.org/dist/ to get everything they need.  Consider the
possibility that one has to change the name of a product.  =)

On the PMC list I also suggested the possibility of a
http://dist.apache.org/ for *all* Apache project builds, but that's more
of an ASF issue we can leave for later or not concern ourselves with.

> > > Brian; what is the story for anon-ftp ?
> > 
> > Anon FTP is officially persona non grata.  The only anon FTP provided
> > these days is for the main www.apache.org web site, and I keep threatening
> > to take that down.  If we ever get our cross-project act together and come
> > up with an uberdistribution repository, say under something like
> > dist.apache.org, then that might make sense to expose via FTP.  But I
> > can't see the point of exposing the HTML files and PHP templates and
> > servlet classes under FTP, and I think most of you would agree.
> +1 to removing FTP once and forever. Damn, we are the http project after
> all :)

Only until we have an XML-driven FTP server, or start using java servlets
behind FTP.   =)


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