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From Robert_W...@lotus.com
Subject Re: [Proposal] Guidlines for package distribution of Java projects:like XML file being read by class
Date Thu, 25 Nov 1999 18:39:14 GMT

Yes, there are some nasty security issues with getResource and
getSystemResource.  Some environments, like Netscape, have disabled these
functions and just return null.  But I just use getResourceAsStream and it
seems to work correctly everywhere.  It is slightly surprising, but from
what I can determine, getResourceAsStream in Netscape does not just turn
around and call getResource().


Stefano said:

>Unfortunately, getResource() is least portable thing in the java world
>(or I'm a total idiot, which it's very probably the case!). I always
>find some platforms where "null" are returned instead and this totally
>breaks the portable behavior.

>Anyone else esperiencing these problems with getResource() and

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