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From "Luke Harless" <luke_harl...@ibm.net>
Subject RE: Re^4: Proposed guidelines for package distribution of Java projects
Date Thu, 25 Nov 1999 22:09:33 GMT
> On windows, I've got a
> 9 line build.xml file to get the classes put together. Less than 20
> seconds later, I've got all 162 source files compiled somewhere usable.

I've also had trouble with using cygwin make on Windows.  Here's how I
1.  Do a dir/b/s > thefiles.txt at the .\org directory - this will get all
the source files.
2.  javac @thefiles.txt - javac takes the list generated and compiles them

Only problem is figuring out the classpath needed, but I figured it out by
reading the error messages.


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