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From Wong Kok Wai <won...@pacific.net.sg>
Subject Re: Proposal for addiction to the Sun XML Java API
Date Sat, 27 Nov 1999 02:00:02 GMT

Scott Boag/CAM/Lotus wrote:

> Personally, for the record, I am personally not too warm on calling these
> "Sun's XML Java API".  For one thing, I'm not sure what the story is with
> SAX at this point... is Sun taking it over?  For another, if Sun just
> wanted to define the javax.xml.parsers interfaces as part of a community
> process, that would be OK (I guess), but claiming that DOM and SAX are part
> of an overall Java API for XML specification rubs me the wrong way.  Why
> can't these things balance across the community?  Does every well-used Java
> interface have to funnel through Sun?  Maybe I just don't get some big
> concept.  (Speaking as an individual as always...).

Personally, I agree with you. I would in fact use the word "hijack" if
Sun/Javasoft is assuming control of SAX. SAX is public domain while SCSL is a
commercial license (not even an open-source license).

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