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From Mike Pogue <mpo...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Re^4: Proposed guidelines for package distribution of Java projects
Date Wed, 24 Nov 1999 20:19:51 GMT
James Duncan Davidson wrote:

> But, Ant is designed so that Tasks can be written easily. I'm open to
> new tasks being placed in.. :)

I think this is a key comment, that points us at the heart of the
discussion:  ANT needs to grow over time, to create Tasks for all these
build, packaging, and test needs.  But, some people feel that all these
tasks can be already be done by make, sed, perl, etc.

BTW, the one thing I've learned over time (having done
build/packaging/test for several products) is that whatever you do for
build automation, people will complain!  ;-)


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