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From cos...@eng.sun.com
Subject Re: [Proposal] Guidlines for package distribution of Java projects
Date Mon, 22 Nov 1999 19:43:35 GMT
> 1) Versioning
> public class Version {

Would it be possible that instead of a Version class, each package
would include the same info in a text  file?
This way, it may be possible to read the text without loading the class
( usefull for automated tools - i.e. search all jar files for one
that has a compativle version  - if you load Version you'll have
a lot of problems with ClassLoader).

Also, if the text file can use the same format as Java1.2 Manifest
( and maybe same location :-) - then we can have a simple interface
that will call 1.2 methods if possible, or will read the manifest
and extract the version.

> 2) archive type
> I propose that every java project is distributed as one or more jar
> file.

I have a feeling jar is a bit overloaded.
What about .zip? ( it's the same thing, just different extension ).
Most people are used with Zip-ed applications - jar may be


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