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From Rickard Öberg <rick...@dreambean.com>
Subject Re: Skipping the DTD
Date Thu, 11 Nov 1999 15:00:58 GMT

Tim Becker wrote:
> > ... My XML documents use a DTD that is sometimes unavailable
> > (through http). I don't want the parser to crash just because of that.
> > How do I turn off DTD parsing, even if the DTD is specified in the
> > document?
> > ..
> The way I understand it, what you really wnat to be doing is
> implementing the org.xml.sax.EntityResolver Interface.
> That way you can always redirect the parser to a local copy of a DTD or
> other external entity.
> Apart from the fact that you might not have a constant
> internet-connection, you're also getting better performance just loading
> a local copy of the entities.

I'm using the DOM parser, not SAX. Using SAX seems much more awkward
than using DOM. Why would I want to use SAX?


Rickard Öberg

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