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From Tim Bray <tb...@textuality.com>
Subject W3C DOM Open Source usability
Date Fri, 26 Nov 1999 22:20:00 GMT
There has been some concern as to whether the W3C DOM Java bindings can be 
used in Open Source environments.  The reason is that the copyright notice 
says, essentially, "you can't change this".  The reason for that is to 
maximize interoperability.

The W3C is sensitive to this, and certainly doesn't want to keep OS 
people from using their stuff.  There are a couple of suggestions in play,
the most sensible (IMHO) being from a Real Smart Guy named John Cowan.  His 
proposal is at 


The chair of the W3C DOM, Lauren Wood, is soliciting feedback from the
community on whether this works, her call for comments is at


Obviously, this is something that Apache-XML cares about, or should, so
if anyone here thinks the W3C needs to hear from us on this, either
let Lauren know or post to www-dom@w3.org.  -Tim

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