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From Patrick Carey <patrickca...@yahoo.com>
Subject Re: [OFFTOPIC] See you soon...
Date Tue, 30 Nov 1999 00:35:46 GMT
Best of luck...
and have a good holiday...

I just read what I cn from the sidelines

--- Pierpaolo Fumagalli <pier@apache.org> wrote:
> It has been a long time, six months, and, I must
> admit, the best six months
> of my whole life, and, tomorrow, it'll be over (at
> least for some time!).
> In this last six months many positive things have
> happened, from the Jakarta
> announce in June, to its code drop in October, to
> the start of the new XML
> Apache Project, things that show how the Open Source
> World is changing and
> how major players in this world, like IBM and SUN,
> are positively
> interacting with a collective of individuals to
> produce the best
> implementation of those standars that someone up in
> Redmond want to control
> and mold. And I'm happy and proud of my small tiny
> role in all this.
> My internship at IBM is finished and next week I
> will be heading back to
> Italy for at least one month (I'll be back hopefully
> in January again @ IBM
> but as a regular employee, given the fact that INS
> will do its job!)
> I'll be on and off until the 15th of december, when
> I hope I'll be able to
> be back on-line from Italy. If you need to contact
> me, please write at
> <pier@apache.org> and consider that my "Corporate"
> E-Mail address
> <pifum18@us.ibm.com> will be taken off line
> tomorrow.
> Thank you all for your friendship and for the
> wonderful work we made so far,
> I hope to be back at full speed as soon as possible.
>     Pier

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