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From Mike Brown <m...@skew.org>
Subject Re: location of /dist/ directory
Date Thu, 11 Nov 1999 16:57:20 GMT
> > FTP is blind to domain names (*.apache.org is all the same
> > host as far as an FTP client is concerned)
> Really?  I thought this was a function of DNS lookup...

DNS will only get you the IP number for that host.domain combination. If
you have virtual hosting (multiple host.domain combos per IP number), like
we do, your client would need to tell the FTP server what host.domain you
wanted, and the server would have to be responsive to that info. There are
extensions to the protocol that allow this kind of functionality, but they
aren't widely implemented.

> > and since there can be only one root dir for anonymous FTP.
> You must be doing virtual hosting... from what I remember,
> Wu-ftpd could handle virtual domains

A couple of the wu-ftpd development forks including the one we're using
had virtual domain handling, but see, this still requires that the client
software has support as well (as explained above). It was also more of a
pain to set up than I was/am willing to deal with, just so 50% or less of
the users could get to a different file area. We have a couple of
different IPs to play with, which makes it slightly easier (the server can
be configured to respond to different IPs more easily than different
domains) but it's still a hassle.

> > > However, will the tarballs still include the entire web site? 
> > There are tarballs containing the entire web site?
> Sorry, I mis-spoke.  The cocoon project's tar ball seems to contain
> all of the cocoon web pages, etc.  This is very nice.  

Is it nice because you're mirroring the site or because there's
something in those pages that you need and that for some reason you
wouldn't normally find in a distribution tarball?

If it's mirroring, there's a reason we're avoiding that for the full
apache.org site. 


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