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From Mike Brown <m...@skew.org>
Subject Re: location of /dist/ directory
Date Thu, 11 Nov 1999 06:27:05 GMT
> Kill it.

We can kill the idea of hosting xml.apache.org project's primary
anonymous FTP server at xml.apache.org, since FTP is blind to
domain names (*.apache.org is all the same host as far as an FTP
client is concerned) and since there can be only one root dir for
anonymous FTP.

If that's not what Brian wants to do, there are these options that
wouldn't require much effort to implement, but they aren't nice:

1. We could put the xml.apache.org dist tree under the main site,
either by copying it there manually or using symlinks.

2. We could change the anonymous root to a level above, and use
symlinks and/or directory aliases (a server config option) to
send people to the right places. So the anonymous user would see:

/apache  (old root)
/xml     (xml.apache.org's stuff)

..and they would thus have to put the appropriate directory in the
beginning of their path.

> However, will the tarballs still include the entire web site? 

There are tarballs containing the entire web site?

   - Mike
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