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From "Luis Arias" <l...@elysia.com>
Subject Re: The need for a site-wide XML-based information system
Date Tue, 23 Nov 1999 09:20:28 GMT
From: Pierpaolo Fumagalli <pier@apache.org>

> Right now, to see how things are working, i suggest everyone to check out
> the xml-stylebook and xml-site cvs modules, just to see how things are
> right now.

Great !  I've been taking a look at xml-site and I really like the approach
here !  What are you using to edit the xml files ?  Just a simple text
editor ?  I am waiting for the xml-stylebook module to see how the rest

If I understand correctly there would need to be some work done on defining
appropiate DTD's for the various types of documentation..  Is this the right
approach ?  Or are you thinking more of maybe extracting stuff from code or
javadoc generated files ?

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