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From "Scott Sanders" <sc...@eionline.com>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Creation of the Apache XML "Ant" Project
Date Mon, 15 Nov 1999 18:33:28 GMT
> >Unlike C and C++ we have few -D define like construct's, etc, etc as java
> >is platform independent enough. So why not stick to simple make ? We
> >get away with just an exported MAKE, RM, CP, JAVAC, JAR and CLASSPATH
> >variable. If you keep all relative live stays simple. No ../includes
> >needed either :-).
> Speaking at some distance from the codebase, DW makes a lot of sense
> to me.  If there are some specific things we need to do that make can't
> do, that's one thing, but it hardly seems that there are.  Using standard
> make removes one barrier-to-entry.
If I were using java tools to build a java project, why should I HAVE to
have make installed.  I am on the Windows platform, and make does not come
installed in Windows.  Sure, I could install MSVC or something like that,
but all I do is java development.  I have a JDK and a JRE and a text editor.
That is all I should need.  If the tool that builds the project is in Java,
that REDUCES dependencies for me, because all I do is download the project,
it makes itself, and I'm off and running.  I applaud ant and the ideas
behind it.


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