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From Michael Glavassevich <mrgla...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject Completing XML Commons' migration to the Xerces TLP
Date Sun, 14 Nov 2010 17:54:55 GMT

Hi all,

With the XML project appearing to be slowly shutting down (Xindice is now
the only project left there) I think it's time we fully moved XML Commons
over to Xerces. In my opinion these changes are long overdue.

Here's what I'm proposing:


1) Move the website to xerces.apache.org

Proposing the new site address to be http://xerces.apache.org/xml-commons
and set up a permanent redirect to it for old links to

2) Move the download area to http://www.apache.org/dist/xerces

Releases would be located under
http://www.apache.org/dist/xerces/xml-commons with a permanent redirect set
up for links to the old one http://www.apache.org/dist/xml/commons

3) Move the 2 XML Commons mailing lists on to @xerces.apache.org

commons-dev@xml.apache.org --> xml-commons-dev@xerces.apache.org
commons-cvs@xml.apache.org --> merge into the existing

All of Xerces' other sub-projects share the same commits list. Hoping this
will improve oversight / awareness of activities in XML Commons in the rest
of the project.

4) Migrate XML Commons from Bugzilla to JIRA

All of Xerces' other sub-projects track their issues in JIRA. Occasionally
issues are opened against XML Commons which should have really gone to
Xerces-J or Xalan. Right now we return these as invalid and ask the
reporter to reopen against the correct project in JIRA. With this move we
can transfer the issue to the right JIRA project on their behalf.

5) Move XML Commons to Xerces SVN

Proposing that we move this out from 'xml/commons' to
'xerces/xml-commons' (with no change to the committer list).


I believe that covers everything. If no one objects I'll start the process
of moving things over.


Michael Glavassevich
XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
E-mail: mrglavas@ca.ibm.com
E-mail: mrglavas@apache.org
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