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> ----- Message from Tony Stevenson <> on Fri, 23 Jan
> 2009 13:28:19 +0000 -----
> The Travel Assistance Committee is now accepting applications for those
> wanting to attend ApacheCon EU 2009 between the 23rd and 27th March 2009
> in Amsterdam.
> The Travel Assistance Committee is looking for people who would like to
> be able to attend ApacheCon EU 2009 who need some financial support in
> order to get there. There are very few places available and the criteria
> is high, that aside applications are open to all open source developers
> who feel that their attendance would benefit themselves, their
> project(s), the ASF or open source in general.
> Financial assistance is available for travel, accommodation and entrance
> fees either in full or in part, depending on circumstances. It is
> intended that all our ApacheCon events are covered, so it may be prudent
> for those in the United States or Asia to wait until an event closer to
> them comes up - you are all welcome to apply for ApacheCon EU of course,
> but there must be compelling reasons for you to attend an event further
> away that your home location for your application to be considered above
> those closer to the event location.
> More information can be found on the main Apache website at
> - where you will also find a
> link to the online application form.
> Time is very tight for this event, so applications are open now and will
> end on the 4th February 2009 - to give enough time for travel
> arrangements to be made.
> Good luck to all those that apply.
> Regards,
> The Travel Assistance Committee
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