Ralph Goers <ralph.goers@dslextreme.com> wrote on 12/29/2008 02:36:30 PM:

> On Dec 29, 2008, at 9:51 AM, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
> > As part of the gradual shutdown of the XML project, the Xerces PMC has
> > agreed some time ago to take over the responsibility for XML Commons.
> > The xml-commons group which you mentioned is basically for committers
> > who only have access to XML commons (mainly Norman Walsh when he still
> > worked on the resolver). Today XML Commons is write-accessible for
> > committers from various projects (Xerces, Xalan, XML Graphics, Cocoon,
> > Forrest etc.). But they don't use that karma very often. Yes, it  
> > doesn't
> > have much of a community mainly because the various parts are mostly
> > "too stable". We can change that by reactivating XML Commons with new
> > goals.
> >
> > The virtual link you mentioned is a good idea IMO and seems in line  
> > with
> > Henri's ideas of a federated Commons.
> >
> Interesting. What is the XML PMC group for? As a Cocoon committer I  
> recall having commit privs on xml years ago. I don't believe we do  
> anymore though.

When XML Commons was transferred over to the Xerces PMC I don't believe anything changed with respect to who has commit privileges. At least there was no intention of removing anyone. I'm not sure how one checks who actually has write-access, but I suspect the list includes many folks who've never committed to the project before and possibly aren't aware that they can.

> At least, http://people.apache.org/~jim/ committers.html doesn't
> reflect it.  I suspect there is some cocoon stuff that really should
> find a home here eventually as well.


> Ralph


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