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ampo <amir.porat@gmail.com> wrote on 10/18/2008 05:11:22 AM:

> Hello.
> My scenario is client "calling" server1 and server1 is "calling", by
> xmlHTTPRequest, to server2.
> server2 has to return xml data to server1 and to the client.
> my general broblem is cross-domain, as server1 and server2 are not in the
> same domain.
> Could you, please, clear this for me:
> Is APACHE, configured on server1, as proxy is operating as the client
> calling server1, or its action is when server1 is requesting server2?
> What I need is the second option above.
> Currently, I have HTML page on server1 and ASP on server2. any other better
> options?
> Thanks.