There are no cryptographic capabilities in xml-apis or xml-resolver. I thought ECCN was only relevant to crypto software.


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export_control@web.de wrote on 10/30/2008 06:52:52 PM:

> Hi,
> I am engaged in export control compliance and need to know the ECCN of *
> xml-apis version 1.3.02 and xml-resolver version 1.1* and whether any
> license exceptions are available. I know that there is some information
> on export control at http://www.apache.org/licenses/export/
> <https://freemailng0205.web.de/jump.htm?goto=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.
> apache.org%2Flicenses%2Fexport%2F>
> but especially for the named software there is none. On this webpage is
> stated that each and every ASF-product that is not on the list provided
> there, does not have one of the two possible ECCNs 5D002 or 5D992. Is
> that true for the above mentioned software? Who can help?
> Regards, Michelle
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