Hi Earl,

In case it wasn't obvious, anyone can start contributing to the project if they're interested and potentially become one of its committers. The caveat being that there needs to be an existing committer around who has the time and ability to review patches and also PMC oversight for releases and other project issues. I can certainly provide the latter but neither have the time or knowledge (don't know the code at all or the catalog spec that well) to do the former.

I'm sure this isn't the first time that an attempt has been made to revive a component/sub-project with no active committers. I wonder how other ASF projects have dealt with this in the past.


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earlhood@gmail.com wrote on 06/15/2008 03:06:28 PM:

> Norman,
> Recently, I have made a few changes to my local version of the resolver
> to address bugs with it.  I have posted my patches to ASF bugzilla.
> However, it appears that the development of the resolver is stagnant,
> with 15 open bugs, with some quite old.
> If you no longer have the time and resources to work on the
> resolver, are you open to transitioning maintenance to others
> whom have cycles to spare?
> Thanks,
> --ewh
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