Just thought I'd mention that it should already be possible to do this programmatically. The Catalog class has a parseCatalog(URL) method [1].


[1] http://xml.apache.org/commons/components/apidocs/resolver/org/apache/xml/resolver/Catalog.html#parseCatalog(java.net.URL)

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Charles Dylan Shearer <dshearer@nekonya.info> wrote on 06/21/2008 09:32:43 AM:

> Currently, Resolver allows developers to use paths as values for the  
> property "catalogs" in CatalogManager.properties.  I was wondering how  
> you all felt about adding support for URLs in this property, so that  
> users could specify exactly how catalogs are to be located: for  
> example, "classpath:/com/package/catalog.xml" for catalogs on the  
> classpath or "file:///directory/catalog.xml" for catalogs on the  
> filesystem.
> I couldn't tell exactly from the documentation, but it seems that  
> Resolver currently interprets these paths as referring to the  
> filesystem.
> What does everyone think?
> Dylan