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From David Crossley <cross...@apache.org>
Subject Re: Future of xml-commons-resolver development and maintenance
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 07:35:04 GMT
There have never been many developers contributing to Resolver,
and now there are starting to be more. So i think that the
community is gradually evolving. I am surprised that there is not
more activity - it is such an important tool.

I recall that Norm asked here about further development. I thought
that he received good response, but now he has gone elsewhere to
start another one. Of course that is up to him. Thanks heaps for
all of your work Norm. I hope that we didn't scare you off.

Anyway it is vitally important that we continue with ASF implementation.
Being under the liberal Apache License means that it can be widely used.

As an ASF committer i will do all that i can to encourage developers.
Sorry that i haven't in recent times ... over-volunteered, and still.
Earl and others are starting on the right track: contributing patches,
responding to feedback, working with the rest of the community.
Keep it up and we will soon have more committers that can help.

I don't have much time or expertise, but i will start with the
easier patches and generally follow the commit-then-review process.
(Careful, many xml.apache.org documents are wrong or out-of-date.)

As others have indicated, we need more tests. Please send patches.

We also have Apache Gump which helps with continuous integration.
A number of important projects depend on xml-resolver, so it should
get a good workout. Perhaps we should encourage some other projects,
e.g. Apache Ant and Apache Xerces to conduct more tests of resolver too.

Would someone please help with the deprecation warnings listed at
that last page.

I will try to configure Gump to run the tests that we have.


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