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From Tom Seelbach <tom.seelb...@gmail.com>
Subject Is the Arbortext release of Java Catalog code and README still available?
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2008 19:22:45 GMT
In the NOTICE-resolver.txt for xml-commons-resolver 1.2 it says:
   Portions of this code are derived from classes placed in the
   public domain by Arbortext on 10 Apr 2000. See:

But the arbortext website is gone. (They were bought by PTC in 2005)

Is  the above  README still available somewhere? Would be great if there 
were a copy in svn....  If not  can someone send me a copy?

In Norman Walsh's  article from 04 Apr 2000:

he writes:
"Using Catalog files became a lot easier earlier this month when 
Arbortext released its Java Catalog classes to the XML community. Using 
these classes, it's simple to add Catalog support to your favorite Java 
parser. (Equivalent support for parsers in other languages should be 
fairly easy to construct from the free and Open Source of the Java 
classes, although Arbortext has no immediate plans to undertake this 

"You can download the classes 


or view the JavaDoc API Documentation 

online. You can also read Arbortext's press release 

) about the code."

Are these classes, javadoc, or the press release still available 
somewhere?  If  not  can someone send me a copy?

(  This message contains looks like it contains a subset of the 
README...  http://lists.xml.org/archives/xml-dev/200004/msg00135.html  )

thank you!

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