I’m trying to use Resolver 1.1 from Ant with Xalan-j 2.7.0, so this may be an Ant problem or a Xalan problem.

The Xalan docs say that 2.7 supports URIRESOLVER and the Resolver 1.1 docs say that this is what is needed.  

Ant docs say that an external catalog can be used as long as the resolver jar is defined in the classpath.


So, I set this up (I hope correctly), but still get a warning from Ant that external catalog files will be ignored:


  1. Downloaded XML Commons resolver and put this in the source tree relative to the build.xml file
  2. Added resolver.jar to the classpath (using a <classpath> task in Ant)
  3. Created an external XML catalog file using the OASIS standard with simple <public> elements.
  4. Added <xmlcatalog> definitions in build.xml

    <xmlcatalog id="all.xmlcatalogs">

                              <pathelement location="${basedir}${file.separator}PPcatalog.xml"/>



  1. Added <xmlcatalog refid=”all.xmlcatalogs”/> in ant <xslt> targets.


Is my set up wrong? I’m stumped about what else to try.


Sara Mitchell