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From Aleksander Slominski <as...@cs.indiana.edu>
Subject Re: XML Schemas [Xydra driving XHTML form to create XML document instance based on XML Schema]
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2005 16:37:02 GMT
Patrick Smith wrote:

>My teammate and I are currently working on a web based XML editor (that
>extracts XML files from rars/jars/wars and ears) to configure
>applications running on an application server while they're still
>One of the editor's views is a form based view. You can take a look at a
>simple mock-up of the UI we are building at:
>We are required to validate the XML against its associated schemas.
>Though we also need to get information from the schema for the UI.  For
>example, if the schema specifies that only 3 specific elements can be
>added as children to an element, then the form will have a drop down
>menu with only those 3 options.  
>My question is, are there any existing projects or APIs available that
>will help in loading a schema and extracting such information.
hi Patrick,

you may want to take a look on Xydra (under BSD-like license)


 - it has a simple version of what you have in your mockup (no arrays 
but nested complexTypes are supported) and uses this functionality to 
generate XML instance document to send to service described in WSDL - we 
have used a special XML instance tree building code - XML schema was 
parsed to generate sample XML instance with placeholders to fill data-in 
and then XHTML form was generated with each field name having XPath like 
address where form filed value should go into XML instance. on top of it 
we experimented with Protege and intelligent defaults/learning. all 
source code is available and maybe you find some of those ideas useful 
in your work and i think having AJAX-enabled XHTML form to create XML 
instance document guided by XML Schemas would be very cool ;-)



The best way to predict the future is to invent it - Alan Kay

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