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From Neeraj Bajaj <Neeraj.Ba...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Remaining work for JAXP 1.3 APIs
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 09:22:42 GMT

Michael Glavassevich wrote:

> A 
>diff [4] between the latest copies on the main branch and tck-jaxp-1_2_0 
>shows some other differences, most notably how the jaxp.properties file is 
>cached. The code on the main branch will read and cache the 
>jaxp.properties file once whereas on the tck-jaxp-1_2_0 branch it will 
>reload it if the jaxp.properties file was modified since it was read 
>(which to me appears to be a more desirable behaviour).
Former is the correct behavior. As per the spec. jaxp.properties should 
be read only once.

- Neeraj

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