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From Michael Glavassevich <mrgla...@ca.ibm.com>
Subject Re: Comments on the Xerces portions on the JAXP 1.3 donation
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2005 17:57:38 GMT
Hi Kohsuke,

Another reason to move away from using the transformers is for improved 
performance. Currently the Validator does several transformations: 
DOM->SAX->XNI->SAX->DOM. The SAX layer is just being used as a bridge and 
could be removed by directly converting the DOM to XNI and back. This 
would also allow us to add TypeInfo and PSVI to the DOMResult (if the 
output is from Xerces), something which isn't possible when using a 

A transformer is also being used when a DOMSource is provided to the 
SchemaFactory. Although the input to the schema traversers is a DOM it 
undergoes the following transformations: DOM->SAX->XNI->Schema DOM. Since 
Xerces has dependencies on the Schema DOM implementation I understand why 
the conversion was necessary. I believe it's possible to remove this 
dependency so that the DOM the application specified can be used directly.

I'm interested in working on these things, though I imagine it will 
probably take some time.


Kohsuke Kawaguchi <Kohsuke.Kawaguchi@Sun.COM> wrote on 04/21/2005 08:10:42 

> Neeraj Bajaj wrote:
> > re: cutting these dependencies
> > 
> > This should be possible because validator works on SAX stream. DOM --> 

> > SAX converter is required.
> > Kohsuke, Do you want to add here ?
> I agree that we just need DOM->SAX converter to get rid of the 
> dependency to the identity transformer, and we can certainly do so by 
> copying the relevant code from Xalan.

Michael Glavassevich
XML Parser Development
IBM Toronto Lab
E-mail: mrglavas@ca.ibm.com
E-mail: mrglavas@apache.org

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